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Verity Lewis
Therapeutic Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Coaching and Counselling

Therapeutic coaching combines coaching and counselling techniques.

Coaching is focused on improving performance in any area of your life - be it at home, at work, your hobbies and sports. It differs from counselling in that it does not address underlying psychological problems. The process will provide you with skills to harness your full potential and may include, for example learning how to:
  • be assertive
  • negotiate with others
  • set goals and priorities
  • audit one's life and rebalance it
  • gain confidence in performing different activities such as public speaking or giving feedback to others
  • manage work-life balance challenges
Counselling helps you to overcome psychological and emotional problems. It helps you to build self-awareness and understanding which enable gentle and practical problem resolution. I work with a wide variety of issues, some of which include:
  • stress and anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • phobias
  • bereavement
  • depression
  • anger management
  • addictions
  • infertility
  • low self-confidence and self-esteem
  •  post-traumatic stress disorder
  • managing chronic health conditions
  • preparation for surgery
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